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Did you know...you can make and stick to your New Year's resolution?


nbruning wrote

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These are terrific ideas for overcoming temptations and the "easy way" all around us.

Stayin Fit wrote

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i think point number 4 is very important - i have been regular at the gym because i got a friend to become an exercise buddy and that adds extra motivation!

Laura wrote

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My New Year's resolution is to take a multi-vitamin every day with my breakfast. I know I don't get as many nutrients as I need, so I'm hoping this helps keep me healthy!

I'm going to take it one day at a time and see how it goes. If taking a vitamin EVERY morning doesn't work out, maybe every OTHER morning will be better!

Coll5 wrote

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Hey Laura, taking a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement was my resolution last year! I did okay, but what really ended up helping me was a weekly pill box. I filled it up at the beginning of the week and took the pills on the designated day. I was much better at taking them rather than having to deal with the bulky bottles every day. It also helped when I went out of town. I started using one in September and I've been much better about taking the vitamins! Good luck!