"Cures Everything But Death"

aida caridad November 20th, 2009

Black Seed for thousands of years has been hailed as a miracle cure. Its Latin name is Nigella Sativa. It is known also as Black Cumin. In India it is known as Kalonji and Charnuska in Russia. Black Seed has been regarded highly in the Middle East for 3000 years. In the bible it is called "fitch" and in the Hadith the prophet Mohammad said "Black Seed cures everything but death". The personal doctors of the pharaohs always kept a bowl of black seed on hand for use as a digestive aid and as an effective medicine for colds, toothaches, and infections. Archeologist found a bottle of Black Seed oil in the tomb of the Pharaoh Tutenkhamun. This seed was recognized in Europe during the 1st century AD when Pliny the Elder and Roman Scientist wrote extensively about its healing properties in his Naturalis Historica. By the 5th Century Hippocrates the father of medicine applied the herb under the names melanthion and melaspermon - "black leaf or black seed."

O.k. by now you are probably saying, "enough with the history lesson." What does this herb actually do?" To begin with Black Seed works by assisting the body in its own natural healing process. It has an unprecedented strengthening effect on the immune system. By boosting the immune system it helps destroy invading bodies and restores optimum health. Black Seed is regarded as a "body enchancer". This means it will work with your body to function at its best to combat illnesses as they arise. Black seed is an excellent source of essential fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. EFA's are essential for vital cell maintenance and stabilization of cell membranes. They bring about the quick healing of wounds,contribute to smooth skin, and aid in metabolizing cholesterol and fat in the blood. EFA's play a role in the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Here is a list of some of Black Seeds other medicinal purposes:

-Pain reliever


-Fever reducer


-Ant-inflamatory:Reduces inflamation.

-Anti-microbial: Destroys and inhibits the growth of destructive microorganisms.

-Prevents and eases muscle spasms.

-Anti-tumor:Counteracts or prevents the formation of malignant tumors.

-Diuretic:Stimulates urination to relieve bloating and rid the body of excess water.

-Stimulates bile and aids in the digestive process.

-Stimulates menstrual flow activity.

-Reduces blood pressure.

-Stimulates the lactation of milk in nursing mothers.

-Laxative:Causes the looseness or relaxation of the bowels.

-Suppresses or strengthens immune system activity as needed for optimum balance.

Black Seeds, Black Seed oil, and so forth. How does one take this herb? I discovered Black Seed three years ago and I take take 2 teaspoons of the oil daily. I find that along with a healthy diet it keeps me from getting sick and getting seasonal allergies. The grounded seeds add a beautiful taste to most dishes. I use it as a pepper substitute in many foods. Oh,and if you can get your hands on honey with Black seed, yum! Black seed oil can also be used topically, to heal skin, as a moisturizer, and to stimulate hair growth. This herb reaps with so many health benefits and there are so many ways it can be used. It has been used sucessfully in healing chronic respitory problems in animals such as:horses, cows, donkeys, and goats. When buying Black Seed oil make sure it is organic and of the highest quality. You want it to be "cold pressed" and "first pressed". High temperature pressing chemically alters the oil and lessens its effectiveness. I have been buying Black Seed oil and Black Seed products from Black Seed Herbal Essence since I first discovered it, http://blackseedherbalessence.com . Their Black Seed oil along with their other Black Seed products are all organic and of high quality. Another huge plus is that their website is loaded with tons of information on the herb!                         

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