$100 Million Development for 125th street

Developers will be rebuilding the former Taystee Bakery Complex and the Corn Exchange Building, which are both located on 125th street.  These buildings will offer manufacturing space, office space, retail space, and community facility space.  It will also create 440 permanent jobs and 510 construction jobs for people in Harlem. Click here to find out more.


My feeling is this is a wonderful start to revitalize the Harlem Area. To create 440 permanent jobs and 510 construction jobs for the people of Harlem might facilitate the process of economic recovery in the area. Walking down the streets of Harlem 10 years ago was definitely worse than it is today. Who knows, maybe development projects like this might one day change Harlem into a prosperous area. All people might benefit from these projects and this might bring in healthier stores such as Wholefoods.

The $100 million development programme for the 125th street must be something that the people there must be really excited about!! It is really going to change the whole of the area with such major construction going to come up there!! The best news however, is that it will help hundreds of families with jobs and a better life!! A lot of job oppurtunities will be made, like Seattle handyman services and so on .Hope it gets going without any delay and we’ll see the results in record time – can’t wait to see the new place that’s going to come up in Harlem!!

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