10 Principles of Good Website Design

isamsmith150 July 14th


A website must be easily readable and navigable – All the links, menu items, labels over the website must be clearly visible and easily readable. Proper user of font styles and colors must be made

Website must be simple and easy to manage – Users on a website are there to find relevant information and knowledge  rather than website design. A user must be able to recognize the navigation, header, footer, body of website content.

Website Layout- Design, layout, labeling must be consistent throughout the website

It must be quickly downloadable – Any document, brochures over the website must be easily downloadable.

We should not make users think – Users must be able to comprehend the system easily. It must be clear on website how to go from point A to point B. A website must contain a clear structure with proper visual clues and recognizable links for users to understand and find required information.

Never test user’s patience – When any user visits our website for very first time, he is likely to play with the service, and check out its various features rather than filling long forms and making an account which they are not likely to use in future. They are there to just explore the site and discover the services rather than sharing their personal information.

Never be afraid of white space – White space makes it easy for the users to perceive the information presented over the screen and also reduces the cognitive load. On a first look, a visitor just scans the webpage and divides the information into digestible pieces of information. It is difficult to read, scan and analyze complex structures. If we are given a choice to separate two chunks of information by a visible line or white space, it is preferable to go with latter.

Communicate ideas effectively – The most important elements of the website must be easily perceived. The important ideas must be easily conveyed with proper highlighting.

Test website quite often – A website must be tested for its usability, at an early stage to avoid any issues later.

Website must be effectively written – Writing style needs to be adjusted according to user’s preferences and browsing habits. People tend to skip long text blocks which are without images, so website content must be a combination of effective content with good pictures, charts, diagrams whichever are applicable.

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